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Makeup Brush 101

Brush Cleaning & Usage Guide

Professional Techniques for Using Makeup Brushes

#05 Multi-Use Detailer

Buy #05 Multi-Use Detailer at Paula Callan Artistry

#05 Multi-Use Detailer

Its multifunctional design also allows for easy use as a lip brush. With multiple uses, it's no wonder this is one of our hero products.

#06 Precision Square-Tip, Lip Brush

Buy #05 Multi-Use Detailer at Paula Callan Artistry

#06 Precision Square-Tip, Lip Brush

This expertly crafted square tip brush offers unbeatable precision for any lip technique. Its remarkable ability for shaping and filling in make it a must-have tool for any makeup collection.

#11 Angled Highlight Brush

Buy #11 Angled Highlight Brush at Paula Callan Artistry


This angled highlighting brush is both gentle and long-lasting, with a soft, curved head. It's a top pick for many, as its fluffy bristles easily apply blush, highlighter, or powder to the skin for a seamless finish.

#16 I Heart Contour

Buy #16 I Heart Contour at Paula Callan Artistry

#16 I Heart Contour

This revolutionary brush was created with the goal of simplifying the highlighting and contouring process for all users. Its unique design allows for flawless application of both light and dark products.

#17 Fluffy Super Soft Blender

Buy #17 Fluffy Super Soft Blender at Paula Callan Artistry

#17 Fluffy Super Soft Blender

This makeup brush is a must-have addition to any beauty collection. Its incredibly soft and fluffy bristles allow for the creation of effortless, flawlessly blended looks with a professional finish.

#19 Flawless Curve Foundation

Buy #19 Flawless Curve Foundation at Paula Callan Artistry


It is perfect for applying foundation and cream products. Its unique angled design effortlessly reaches facial contours, while dense, soft bristles ensure smooth, even coverage. Ideal for both detailed and broad applications, it delivers a seamless, professional finish.

#20 Flawless Angle Concealer

Buy #20 Flawless Angle Concealer at Paula Callan Artistry


This multi-functional brush is specially crafted to expertly conceal imperfections around the eyes and facial blemishes with the same delicate touch as your fingertips. Perfectly designed to be a duo with the #19 Flawless Curve Foundation.

How to clean makeup brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

1. Prepare the Cleaning Solution

      • Fill a beaker or sink with tepid water.
      • Add a small amount of washing up liquid to break down grease and emollients in the makeup.

2. Pre-Clean the Brush

      • Dispense some washing up liquid onto a flat surface.
      • Rub the brush gently on the surface, ensuring the bristles are coated without squashing them too much.

3. Clean the Brush

      • Dip the brush tip into the water. Avoid submerging past the ferrule (metal part) to prevent loosening.
      • Swish the brush in the water until it runs clear.

4. Dry the Brush

      • Use a tissue or kitchen paper to squeeze out excess water.
      • Shape the bristles back into their original form.
      • Lay the brush flat on the edge of a table to dry.


Cleaning Specific Brushes

Eyeliner Brush

      1. Apply a small amount of Duraline to break down oils in the eyeliner.
      2. Add washing up liquid to further clean the brush.
      3. Dip the brush in water, ensuring it doesn't go past the ferrule.
      4. Squeeze out excess water and reshape the brush before drying flat.

Powder Brush

      1. Dip the brush in water to wet the bristles.
      2. Apply washing up liquid thoroughly into the bristles.
      3. Swish the brush in water until it runs clear.
      4. Squeeze out excess water, reshape, and lay flat to dry.

Lip Brush

      1. Apply washing up liquid directly to the brush to break down fats and emollients.
      2. Dip the brush in water, avoiding submerging past the ferrule.
      3. If needed, add more washing up liquid and clean further.
      4. Squeeze out excess water with a tissue, reshape, and lay flat to dry.

Eyeshadow Brush

      1. Wet the bristles with water.
      2. Apply washing up liquid into the bristles.
      3. Swish in water until clear.
      4. Squeeze out excess water, reshape, and lay flat to dry.



      • Always avoid getting water past the ferrule to prevent damage.
      • Reshape brushes after cleaning to maintain their form.
      • Dry brushes flat to avoid water seeping into the handle.