Paula Callan Artistry

#35 Essential Eye Collection (8 Pieces)


Refine your eye makeup game with our versatile 8 piece brush set, designed to cater to every step of your routine. From expansive blending to precise detailing, this set includes our best-selling brushes, each crafted for optimal performance with various makeup formulas. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these brushes, featuring a mix of fibers, make application effortless and results stunning.

Collection Contains:

#2 - Eyeliner Brush
#4 - Mini-Eye Detailer
#5 - Multi-Use Detailer
#7 - Mini Crease Blender
#8 - Small Blender
#9 - Medium Blender Shadow
#17 - Fluffy Super Soft Blender
#18 - Crease Defining Brush

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